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When it comes to seeing the print our customers dream of on the packaging, our graphics department Deda Pack, which has years of experience, is the creative powerhouse. Our error-free production processes start at the design stage.

Printing Phase

We offer services of up to 6 colors with the printing technique where we can print the most vivid colors to the most recognized and widely produced brands in the market. Optionally, it is among our services that it will choose partial lacquer application.


We can produce different types of bags. Examples include upright bags with different closing locks, flat bags with flat bottoms, also called “box bags”, Quadro bags with underfloor folds, and bags with side bellows.


Quality Control

To ensure that the exact specifications demanded by our customers are fully realized, all our products undergo frequent and meticulous quality control at every stage of production.


We transport the products that are weighed and packaged according to our customer’s demands in the safest way. We provide durable and secure shipment to any point in the world with appropriate, labeled packages with ingredient information, and heat-treated pallets if desired.