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Become a Part of the Deda Pack Family

Deda Pack Packing Family is seeking a new member to join the DEDA PACK Packing family, which is located in Zeytinli District 94030 Street No:5/A Seyhan / ADANA. We will choose the newest members of our family in accordance with the meticulously planned procedures by our human resources division. Our recruitment process:

  • Meeting with the job description
  • Getting to know our new member who will join our DEDA PACK Family professionally
  • Conducting a face-to-face interview with our candidate
  • Evaluating the answers by asking pinpoint questions in the interview
  • Transferring the DEDA PACK packaging structure to our candidate
  • Starting the work and orientation process

Vacant Positions:

You can follow our job postings with open positions from our social media accounts:

 You can also send us your resume at


Contact us for more information about Deda Pack Packaging.

You can reach us 24/7 for your complaints and suggestions via the contact form